The latest version of Sisu

The latest version of Sisu

Thank you for using Sisu! On this page, you can familiarise yourself with the latest version.

Sisu 3.0

The most recent version of Sisu offers new functionalities for all user interfaces and the cross-study service.

Student interface

The student's study calendar has been revamped for accessibility, and a new beta version has been created for the front page.

In the top of the plan, a notification is displayed if the student has older versions of courses within the plan that are past the current term.

Administrator interface

The language of secondary education can now be assigned to a student's personal information. If a student has multiple educational languages, this information can be specified for their study right.

In enrollment, quotas can be assigned criteria based on education.

For study units, a mass action can be used to set an end date for responsibility roles.

Default values will be applied to decisions on recognition of prior learning applications.

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