EUNIS 2024

EUNIS 2024

Funidata is attending the EUNIS congress in Athens, Greece at June 5-7, 2024.

Funidata is attending the EUNIS congress, which is an Intelligent Digital Ecosystem event for European Universities. Our CPO Mari Riihiaho and CTO Tomi Sallanmaa are giving a public speech about our journey of building a Student Information System as a Software-as-a-Service product in partnership with Finnish universities. The presentation is held June 6th.

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How Funidata created a cloud-based SIS in cooperation with universities

In our presentation we discuss how a modern, cloud-based SIS system is a driver for digitalization in many different areas. At Funidata, we have developed a SIS system for the 2020s in partnership with major Finnish universities. Digital workflows, inter-institutional co-operation, accessibility, usability, and lifelong learning are just a few of the areas we have evolved. We've developed a model with a standardized core solution applicable to universities of all sizes, with add-on modules bringing in additional functionality.

Alongside system development, we’ve had to tackle issues relating to enterprise architecture and international and national co-operation, information security and data protection, cloud infrastructure and management. These are all factors that need to be considered when developing modern solutions for a rapidly digitizing world and that are exceedingly hard to tack on later in the development cycle.

We will take you on a journey chronicling our way of creating cloud-based SaaS solutions for the HEIs, driving digitalization forwards and how we have taken what we learned with our SIS system to other areas. We detail many of the challenges we have faced and the good practices we have created.

Download the presentation

You can download the extended presentation here by submitting your email address below. The downloadable presentation file (pdf) will be sent to your email. (Available at the presentation day.)