Sisu – At the heart of education

More than a Student Information System

It’s an up-to-date core system for teaching and studies. Sisu is not only a digital foundation for learning, but a Finnish concept of determination and tenacity.

Support for higher education students, teachers and staff

Sisu is Funidata’s main product and it will revolutionise the world of academia. Sisu is more than a study information system (SIS). It is at the heart of studying and teaching. Sisu enables cross-institutional studies and advanced analytics. Its smart study plan feature makes guidance counselling transparent and helps the student from the beginning of their studies all the way through to graduation.

Sisu modernises the user experience especially for the students offering support throughout the entire life cycle of their studies. The students can sign up for courses and plan ahead how to spread out their studies in the time allotted for the degree. Teachers benefit from Sisu’s tools for planning their teaching and grading students. Study counselling features enable interaction between the student and the teacher. With Sisu university personnel can manage personal information and credits as well as training, degree programmes, course modules, rights to study and provision of teaching. Sisu also enables introducing online teaching seamlessly as part of the more traditional methods of completing studies. In addition, the system offers flexible cross-institutional study opportunities between institutions of higher education.

A SaaS service

Sisu is delivered as a SaaS service. This means that the client does not need to worry about monitoring the server platform, performance or updates. Centralised service delivery means direct cost savings. A centralised source of user support helps detect performance issues and resolve matters simultaneously for all clients. We offer our clients comprehensive assistance according to their individual needs.

Sisu comes with broad import and export interface for bulk data transfer. GraphQL helps better use of real-time information. Life-cycle thinking and being prepared for the future are just some of the corner stones of the development of Sisu.