UniHow – More quality in learning and teaching

Raising awareness of what is quality in learning and teaching

UniHow is a digital reflection and feedback system based on theory and research in university pedagogy. UniHow enables knowledge-based development of training programmes according to students’ answers.

UniHow offers a wide variety of benefits

UniHow combines a student’s reflection system, a support tool for learning, a tool for managing the quality of teaching as well as different associated feedback systems into one effective, functional system. The responses of the HowULearn questionnaire enable the development and the opportunity to offer more quality training and teaching. With the questionnaire, students are able to receive individual support and help to further their studies. It also provides teachers with information about the students on a group level, which helps take into consideration different study processes in the teaching. Institutions of higher education receive easy-to-read, group-level reports about the students. UniHow can be used also to examine students’ experience regarding academic quality and discipline-specific differences, and to develop the quality of teaching.

UniHow can be integrated with study information systems, which enables broad result analysis and further use for e.g. research.